Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Newsletter #00019

so, here i sit with a head filled with music and a mind void of good ideas, so we will see where this goes.....

it will have to be short

Today while taking mcas i realized how much i hate mr. cuadra's room, the desks are sooo small, i couldn't fit all of my things there, i fear for tomorrow when i have to manage two booklets at once. more space always seems nicer though, thats why i liked the library so much better, i had space, and everything was so much more comfortable.

have you ever asked a question that you expected a deep answer for, or a thorough conversation from, and gotten a blunt or sudden response? even just an unexpected one? then afterward walk away saying "why did i even ask that question?" well, this happened to me recently, and i thought about it, and i wondered if i should really consider it a stupid question if it was one that i was looking to obtain an answer from, or one i expected to gain something from. if there was some purpose, can it really be considered stupid?

ugh, i am very sorry about this, i have to end it here, i am having serious mental blocks right now... i blame mcas, i promise a substantial one next monday

quote from phone-
a handful of friends is worth more than a wagon of gold

what in your opinion is the "ideal" breakfast?

March 31-2009
-By Brad

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