Monday, March 23, 2009

Newsletter #00017

well, before i get started here, i'm gonna say congrats to all those in jazz one for their silver medal, good job!

alright, my topic for the day, rights and privelages. Have you ever gotten to do something and been told to be thankfull, because it is a good privelage? well, who is to say that whatever you are doing isn't a right? I mean look at our nation, we have all these rights, but are told to be privelaged to have them, which shows another point, that they usually exist somehow together, so who are you to pick one out of a situatipon as opposed to the other? another discrepancy that i see in all this is as follows:

-A privelage or a right is defined by humans
-Humans are very erroneous creatures

due to this, i don't think we could even say or establish a fact of something being right or privelage. We have a right to speech, but we are privelaged to be at one or give one. this seems strange to me.

What are rights and privelages anyway? i believe a right is something we are considered "naturally" deserve (i.e. food, water, speech, etc.). And a privelage is something that we are "Allowed" to do by another person. Which is another problem, who is one person to tell another person wether or not they have permision to do something? One person technically should not have power like this over another person usn==nless there is some type of agreement worked out between the two people. One examples of this could be living arrangements "If you live with me, i will allow you to(give you the privelage of) own a dog." This is possible i think, fair. I see this because if one person is living easier due to the esablishment of another person, the person that is the owner of said establishment should have the say over what privelages to dole out or take away. An instance of somewhere that i would not see privelages given or taken fairly would bea neighbor. Say they come over one day and tell you cannot play music at night anymore (not saying it was loud and bugging them, but just randomly because they don't like you and because i can give you improbable situations like this.)But like i was saying, your neighbor comes over and puts a restriction on when you can listen to music, from 8-10 only they say. Then they would not have authority to tell you what not to do. (if it was in fact bugging them because you were playing loud music late at night, then i believe a compromise should be made, but other than that, this is how i feel)

Another way people look at rights (or at least i feel) is as a set of rules, things you must abide by. In reality, rights are what are protected by laws, but once again, who is to say what a right is? in our country, we believe we have a right to speech, where as in another country, they might believe they have the right to kill you for even thinking that. So what is a right? and do people really deserve everything that we qualify as a "right?"

And is there some sort of "grey area" where the line between right and privelage is slurred and undefined?

Alright, now on to my scarily similar second topic, the difference between right and wrong. Once again, human definitions, just to get that out of the way. What is right and what is wrong? we are said to be gifted by free will or an ability to choose, as well as a way of telling right from wrong, which could also be referred to as a conscience. here is my thing, the line between right and wrong can be very slurred, especially in how you are brought up, just to show another improbable extreme, say your parents brought you up well, and you had a bunch of people around you that belived the same things as you, so you developed the sense that writing on walls was bad, it was not an okay thing to do. then, your neighborbrought up their child just the opposite, and they were constantly around bad people, they minght not only think that drawing on the wall was okay, but possibly breaking the whole thing dawn as well. Even the explanation i just gave you shows my point, i said that i se someone that sees drawing on the wall as bad as a good person. (granted that one thing doesn't make anybody a good person, though it lends itself to it in most cases i know of)this shows that i was brought up and surrounded by people who put the idea in my head that writing on the wall is generally a bad thing.

maybe if i gave a better example.......
here's one...

drinking, now, i am absolutely dead-set against drinking, but i know that in today's world, there are in fact children that grow up to believe that drinking isn't bad for them (or people around them), which causes problems for them in their childhood and in their future in most cases. And i believe that this is due to the way they were brought up and to the people they have been surrounded by during their lives, and so became accustomed to the idea of drinking as possibly a good thing as opposed to a bad thing.


S.A.D.D. is doing another 84 campaign, so go check out the tables duing lunches these next two days, we need to complete these misions!!

alright, here's something new, from now on, as well as a question, i am also going to put in a quote that i like, sometimes it will be funny, sometimes random, sometimes wise, and very rarely, but sometimes relative to what i have said, and they are also off a new application off my phone, so on days that i can't find a good one, you will have to deal with the one you get, so here is today's:

If in doubt, mumble.

and as for the question portion, i will throw in one for lauren:

if you were to jump from a high place with a large ball with handles on it, would you be able to land safely? or would the ball turn over and have you land on your back?

March 23-2009
-By Brad

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