Monday, March 2, 2009

Newsletter #00009

ahhhhhh snow, i would say gotta love it, but you really don't, I don't. I was looking forward to the first snow of winter, then the rest of it was not quite so fun. Now that i think of it, there are alot of things that are much like i just described, things you look forward to, are very excited for, but after the first part yuo get kind of bored with it. There are many things like this, for me, school is one of them, always, so is band camp, the first day of jazz band. Of course this is coming from me, the band geek, but im sure that you could think and find a way to apply this into your own lives.

I'm sure that we are all getting a little sick of these ridiculous snowdays too, granted its nice now, but when days are taken away, it really loses its bit of gleam.

Haha, i was shoveling earlier, and i felt like i was in one of those "tootsie pop" commercials, but it was switched, instead of "how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?", it became "how many scoops of snow does it take to reach the end of the driveway?

"Well, i've really no set subject today, i've just been relaxing, well, other than taking care of chris and doing the driveway, but it was worth it, it gives me something to do, not haveing something to do is always really bad for me, i'm not entirely sure why.

hey, here's an idea, just to get some comments coming in, why don't we have everyone that reads this comment about what they did during thier day off, it's something, yes?

This has been a hard note to come up with topics for, as you can probably tell, it really jumps around a bunch with random ideas. I'm just im a weird sorta mood, one of those ones where you feel like you need to think alot, im not sure if you can relate or not, im sure some can, but its just one of those days. Though many days are one of those days it seems, but this day especially, haha.

communication between people has seemed to be lacking in a lot of people and places lately, look at school, all these rumors, (though it is high school and there are always rumors). I find that some orginizations in the school aren't really completely together either. Then there is always person to person, but that can't be helped

well, that is all i have for now, im sorry if this was kind of empty.

if you were to narrow down personalities to four main types, what would they be?

so look for josh's note on wednesday(double digits YAY!!!), and make sure to be friends with kasey for her premier newsletter on friday

March 2-2009
-by Brad

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