Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Newsletter #00015

Newsletter #00015

So, I need something to talk about. Hmmmmmm.... What is there to do? Ok, I have a couple things, and here they are:
• Humanity
• Space
• Spore
• Socks
• Things that begin with the letter S, seeing as everything except Humanity happens to begin with an S
• Codes

I haven't put out a good note recently, so hopefully this will be a better one. I don't even know how to begin, I need to start practicing writing in my spare time. Not just in code either (Brad). I want to write something big, but I don't know what. I can create my own topics, but they just seem random. Normally, I need somebody to give me a topic, and I'll be able to warp it into something. But i have difficulties. I happen to be very indecisive, and do not trust my own decisions. I am always questioning what I have done, and if it is right. I actually prefer another person's opinion than my own, unless on the rare occasion I write something I actually like. So, even though this wasn't what I said I would talk about in my note, I just did. Deal with it. =P But at least this opened me up, and now I'm in somewhat of a groove into my writing. So other than my random blabbering, I will talk about all the topics I mentioned.

Humanity. Us humans have such an extreme intellect, we don't even realize it. We have so much control over the world, but we don't comprehend it entirely. Without us, imagine where the world would be. Would it be a bountiful paradise, or a bare planet? What species would be dominant? Or, without humans, would there even be dominance? There is natural selection, but there is not domination throughout the world of a single species, other than the homosapien. Our minds gave us the ability to do all that we do. To evolve mentally, instead of physically. Who knows what we can do. Humanity has evolved, like all other creatures, but when did the modern human begin? A thousand years ago? Two thousand? Who can tell? If it has been a thousand years, why haven't we noticed any evolutionary change? I've heard that we only use about 20% of our brain power. What is the other 80% doing? Telepathy? Telekinesis? I would personally hope telepathy, that would be amazing. If all humans had telekinesis (the ability to move an object with your mind, for those that don't know), than imagine the destruction that would be wrought. I wouldn't use my power for destruction, but I can't say that for the rest of humanity. Something else I want to mention about us humans is the way we communicate. We are really sophisticated in our way of communicating. Oh, this is random, but I spelled sophisticated correctly the first time, I fell accomplished. =D But really, we are. We have letters, and numbers, along with our speech. I can't think of another animal that has physical representations of the world around it. We use words to indicate our thoughts, and to share with others without using our mouths. This has enabled long distance communication unlike any other species. We have somewhat advanced vocals, with a broad range, and like other animals, we use a series of grunts, squeals, and raising/lowering of pitches to indicate words and meanings. Something that is interesting is how many different languages there are. We are all the same species, yet we have language boundaries. Interesting. I just realized I wrote a lot here, I need to save some space, and more topics for later. So, that ends this.

Space. There are soooo many topics on this, it's impossible not to have one. Wormhole theory, black holes, big bang, the list goes on and on. I think that we will someday colonize other planets. I just hope that we aren't alone in the universe. I personally don't believe we are, but I've just thought. The odds are so slim for a planet to be stable (not spinning too fast, not molten rock), for a planet to be able to support life (O2 and H2O), for life to develop, for the genes of life to randomly develop to form another species with intelligence comparable to ours; the odds are stacked high against us. I want there to be, but who knows, really. Will the quest to conquer the universe end in disappointment? I hope not. And I want to see the center of the universe!!! It would be amazing!!! But enough for space. That is more in Brad's field, though I enjoy the conversations a lot. Thinking is fun.

Spore is a game for the PC that kinda combines with everything I've talked about so far. It is a game where you can create your own creature, start from a cell, and work your way up to an intergalactic being. It's quite fun to play, and the creation designs are limitless. In the game, you aren't alone in the universe, which is good. But to design a creature is fun. I'd say play it, it's a good game. End of that.

Socks are AMAZING!! Did you know that? They are. There is NO doubt about it. We could not live without socks. The human race would fall apart in chaos. It is impossible. They are soft, and warm, and fuzzy, or thin, or fat, or long, or short, or medium, or striped, or polka-dot, or fun, or very fun, or very very fun, or comfy, or cold, or AMAZING!!!!! Could you imagine never wearing socks? Ce n'est pas possible!!!!! Socks are fun, I just thought I would inform the world.


wow, I thought I could think of more....

Brad and I invented a code, using symbols, and so far only we can read and write it. If you want to know, we'll tell you, but you need to travel to Mars directly after. As in we strap you to a rocket while telling you. =D It's a secret!! Shhhhh

This was fun to write, especially humanity. The other stuff was just little things for amusement. Hope you liked it.

Solve this equation: (muhahaha)

(sqrt(x^5)^3)/x+x^-3= i

have fun!

March 18-2009
-By Josh

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