Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Newsletter #00018

Ok, its late, so this won't end up being long. I've been super-super-busy doing a bunch of stuff for S.A.D.D. I've set up a mailing list on a new account, I've set up a basic blogging website, created a Facebook group, and some other stuff. Basically, I've been busy. Which is good, because I got my mind off of thinking. Which is good. Because thinking can hurt. And I think me and my friends tend to think just a little too much. Wouldn't you say so Brad?

Ok, so what to talk about..... I discovered I hate stupid people. Now, don't go freaking out. Let me explain what I mean. There are manyyy variations of the word stupid. By the stupid I mean, I mean the people who have the ability to do something good, but choose not to, and end up doing something that hurts themselves and others. For example, a person who has the capability of getting straight A's, being very smart, but instead decides to go off and smoke pot, get drunk, or do other stuff. That type of person is who I consider to be stupid. And unfortunately, I know some people like that. I don't hate them, I just get upset that they would decided to do stuff like that. It upsets me, because I actually care quite a bit for my friends' welfare. But off of depressing subjects.

Society is overall, crazy. That is the biggest understatement I will probably say, but that is as simple as it gets. Crazy. Society can behave in strange ways, especially in the masses. I think that I agree with my US History teacher, Mr. Mac, there will be a revolution in America in my lifetime at some point. Too many people are getting fed up with the government. It has gotten very big, and some of it is pointless. Not all, but there are some parts. I think there has to be a change in the government, though I am not one to say here what exactly needs to be changed. Maybe next week I could talk about some stuff.

TROMBONES RULE. end of story =D

The world is crazy. What do you think would happen if the Earth broke in half, and half of it went off into the sun, but the other half stayed in orbit? What would happen to the good half? Would we still survive???

Gah, I'm tired. I know, I know, this is nowhere NEAR good, but I procrastinated, and got busy with stuff. I promise, next week will be PHENOMENAL!!!

Until then, good night.

March 25-2009
-By Josh

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