Monday, March 16, 2009

Newsletter #00014

so, sorry i didn't publish last week, i was in the pit for the play, and the rehearsals just didn't grant time, josh could tell you that, he just was lucky that the one day off we had was wednesday night. haha

So, here's a bit of a new concept, now don't quote me, because i don't really believe one word i am about to say, but like i said, its a neat concept. dimensions, we as three dimensional creatures cast two dimentional shadows, so would not four dimensional objects cast three dimensional shadows?(this a direct quote from josh, and granted i do not agree entirely, i'm going to use it anyhow). now, suppose that all these spaceship sightings that get reported are shodows of four dimensional objects passing through our world, or better yet, simply four dimensional objects passing through our dimension, the third one.

based on this possible theory, i have made my own, and like i said, its more than unlikely, but still neat to think about. say that each dimension, 1st-5th (just for good measure) was on a separate beam of existance. for example, our universe and all that it contains are a part of a beam or arm that consists only of three dimensional objects. Now put that idea to every dimension i mentioned, 1-5. now that you have that envisioned, take these five beams, and extend them infinately and twist them round and roun and round each other, so that they are a tangled mess, but none are touching each other. Now, each of these "strings" of dimensions as i will refer to them has an entirely permeable outer edge, but only by the strings of other dimensions, but cannot pass through itself, because if you think about it, that would cause choas in some form or another, to have multiple sections of a dimension in one place. But back to this mass of strings of dimensions, they are strings that are always moving and shifting, and therefore, must pass through one another quite frequently, but only in one small place (comparatively), so this could be happening to a part of our dimension that we have no knowledge of right now, and we wouldn't know it. This my theory on the sightings of spacecraft, maybe they are four dimensional beings or shadows of them passing through our dimension while our respective string passes through theirs.

while we are on theory's in space, i am going to ignore physics even farther and give you some interesting information, some that i myself find funny. Now, have you ever seen a girl on a motorcycle with her hair blowing in the breeze or wind because of how fast the motorcycle is moving? well, in space, you could literally be travelling at 3million miles per hour (assuming that every part of you was accelerating at the same rate until at a stable speed) and your hair would not blow in the wind. this is because on earth, we have an atmosphere which is composed of definate particles, and when these particles hit your hair, they force it back, in the void of space, there are no particles to hit your hair, so it could not recieve resistance, and therefore would not blow behind you in the wind.

Alright, nother theory, you would not hear noise in space either. this is why:
-on earth, the initial vibration shakes the matter around it, which causes a chain effect of matter intil it reaches your ears
-in space, there is no matter to vibrate to reach your ears, so there would be an initial vibration, and it would stop there

due to this, you could take a pair of crash symbols in space, and hit them in front of your face as hard as you want, and you wouldn't hear it.

well, that's all i have for now, here's your question

is going backwords progress? for example, if you are building a house, and the roof falls off, is that not still progress? even if it is negative progress? progress toward deconstruction?

actually, i just thought up another, so here, after you answer that one above, read this one

do you belive that patterns can reapeat? and if so, do you think a repeat of a pattern can predict the future?

March 16-2009
-By Brad

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