Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Newsletter #00012

Number 12. An even dozen. Unless you're a baker. In which case, too bad.

Brad says I write more on political stuff, and I guess that is true. Right now I'm going to try and explain the stock market, well, at least so people get the gist of what it is. It's not that hard to understand, really. Hmm.. What else do I talk about? I could just go on a random rant about anything that opts itself into my head. I think I'll do that.

Ok, the stock market=MONEY As if that needed saying. But basically, you have four options. You can Buy, Sell, Short, and Short Cover. What you want to do, is buy cheap and sell high. This is much, MUCH easier said than done. You need to look for stocks that are on the rise, and there aren't that many of them in today's economy. So which is why people Short stocks. When you short a stock, it's basically going negative stocks. When you buy, you can buy 100 stocks at $10.00. That will cost you $1,000. Now, if it makes profit, and you sell all 100 at $20.00 a stock, that's $2000. That is $1,000 profit. If you short 100 stocks $10.00, they will pay YOU $1,000. So basically, you are at -100 stocks. You need to buy those stocks back. So, at a later date (and there is a limit to how long you can wait), you buy them back. So, if the stock price goes down to $5.00, you can decide to cover your shorts, or Short Cover. So you buy 100 stocks at $500. Therefor, you just made $500. You buy companies that are making profit, and short those that are losing.

Now, there's a lot of information to deal with in the market, so I'm not going to go into much detail unless somebody desperately wants me to. But that's basically how you would go about the stock market.

Hmm. Now to talk about randomness. Have you ever talked with yourself, or argued with yourself? It is quite confusing. Or what about robots. Robots are quite interesting. Isaac Asimov created some good rules for robotics. You should read them. Or I'll list them. Yes, I memorized them, what about it? 1) A robot can not harm a human being. 2)A Robot will obey an order given to it by a human, except where such order would conflict with the 1st law. 3) A Robot will protect its own existence, as long as it does not conflict with the 1st or 2nd laws. They are foolproof, except for when Asimov finds way to cleverly deceive them. I just got distracted for about 10 min. On tv, there was something that mentioned dogbook, which is now apparently a big facebook application. I looked at it, then somehow ended up in groups on how Pluto was not a planet. And then a thread there was discussing evolution. It is all quite interesting. I will talk about evolution next week. But for now, I'm done. Tired. Excuse my short note, but gah, I'm tired. Good Night.

Wait. I almost forgot something at the end.

Do you believe the universe is Finite?
If you could become any animal, what would it be?

March 11-2009
-By Josh

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