Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Newsletter #00008

sorry this one is late, i figured i could to make up for the one josh did late, these last two days have been ridiculous, anyhow, here is my quick newsletter.

Earlier this week, josh and i were discussing emotions, but not just emotions, but how the emotions flow together and are interrelated. We actually had discussed one in particular that seems to me actually spurred this discussion on. this was the emotion of love. We have come to decide that this is the emotion of the utmost importance, the one emotion that we could find that had relation to every emotion except for one, which i will get to eventually.

Well into the relation of emotions. emotions seem to have little chains of events, ones that are persistent, though some steps in these chains of sorts can be skipped. one of the ones josh and i came up with was something like sadness-confusion-frustration-anger, granted this is vague and can be altered in many different ways, it is an example. haha, now as i write it, i think of star wars (something my brother insists on watching like EVERY day) when yoda was going on to anakin saying something like sorrow leads to suffering, suffering leads to anger, anger leads to hate, so on so on, and yes, i realize that that is most likely incorrect for all those star-wars enthusiasts out there.

Alright, now on to the love aspect, we came to the conclusion that love fuels almost every emotion. (granted this is on our definition, there are many, all able to be interpreted, and all made by humans) We believe this, or maybe i do, anyways, I belive that love spurs on the other emotions, you lose something you love-you become angry, confused, frustrated, lost, all these things. love finds a new way into your life, you are happy, joyus. now when i say love, i do not mean necessarily toward a person, but an object, an idea, even a possiblility. the one argument that really arose was when people would say something like, "oh, i'd love to get 100 on the test" would they really? i'm not so sure, i believe it is another expression that the human race has lost meaning for, and is now used lightly and without thought.

Lastly, the one emotion we came across to not be affected whatsoever by love, actually, the moment love is involved, this cannot occur-indifference. I believe that it is impossible to be indifferent about something you love, hate, once loved, or once hated, this i see as a complete impossibility.

And so ends another short newsletter, sorry

oh, question.....hmmm.......

do you think there is a fourth dimension, and if so, what would it be, if you could make it
(i realize there are some other dimensions than x,y,z but disregard them, haha)

AND for the winner of the note contest

the winner of this contest was Kasey Leblanc!

so you should be hearing from her again sometime soon, pay attention and find out when!

February 25-2009

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