Saturday, June 27, 2009

Newsletter #00047

well, this is my third attempt at writing this newsletter. i am so aggrivated, i had it completely done, i was tagging people, and it got deleted. ugh.

anyway, some personal news first. i got the voice recognition devise on my computer running, and it is absolutely amazing. i no longer obligated to write newsletters, i can speak them (which is what i did with the first two). i can navigate the computer with no mouse, i got to facebook and wrote the entire newsletter with no pressing of buttons, anr the mouse or anything, it was absolutely amazing. if any one of you has the chance to do this, i highly recommend it. it can get aggrivating, but it's so fun that you really don't have a chance to care.

so, one thing that has really been bothering me lately is the fact that people assume things that they can't prove or say anything about. like hear one thing, transform it into what thier thoughts make it out to be, and then the thing that really kills me, they tell other people about it. i wish people could maybe ask the people involved before telling people or even making these evil assumptions. that's really been bugging me, i would expand more, but i'm tired, so i won't

so, reviews starting next week, one review for the same thing in each of our newlsetters. we will not talk to each other about it, because it may influence the review. sorry to cut this so short, but i am tired, sick of writing this stupid newsletter, and i need to wake up at four o'clock. so here:

if you could ask any question, and get the correct answer, what would the question be?

It is always easier to fight for one's principles than to live up to them.

June 26-2009
-By Brad

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