Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Newsletter #00041

i would like to take this oppurtunity to congradulate all the seniors, and say good luck with what the future may hold.

now, last week, i went way off on a hugely giagantic (more big words meaning big) tangent from what i meant to write about. now what it was i meant to write about i can't remember for the life of me, so i will try to remember, and if i can't, you will have to read the fruits of my attempt.

time is an interesting thing. for it niether exists nor does not exist. i say that it does not exist because time is something that cannot be defined by man, though we give it a name, we cannot tell what it is. we see things happening, which means we cannot be stuck in a perpetual moment, but then again, what is a moment? i say that it does exist because things happen, with no time passing, nothing would ever happen ever. which brings up another point. for all we know, time just stopped for what we would consider to be a million years, but we didn't notice it, because for our bodies to detect it, we would need what? yes. time.

another thing josh and i argue about randomly once in awhile is this: is there a present or a now?
and my answer is yes, except that it is something that is infintessimately small, an amount f time is something you can always divinde in half, so if you were to say, "i read this sentence now" by the time you finished aying now, now would already be gone, so you would be lying, in a way, but people compensate for this because now seems to have a broad range of possible times to be in (by definition by humans)

hmmm, i sit here at the computer, trying to think of what to go on about next, and i realize that i have a pattern i follow every time i go to think of something. i always put my hand on my chin, after about a minute, i look at the printer next to me, at the button that says "ok". then, slowly my gaze falls down to where the memory chip slots are, then i wake up and eventually start the process over again. i thought you minght be interested, and it just happened like four times, so i felt as if was a part of this newsletter forever.

well, i suppose i am rather dry and out of ideas for tonight, so i leave you first with some news. soon, josh kasey and i plan on writing reviews. no this review can be on anything, like a book a movie, a magazine, and alot of other things i'm sure. this things doesn't have to be recent either, like we could all watch frankenstien and rate that or something.
the way it would work, is say for a movie, we would all watch the movie, and throughout a week, each of us would post a separate rebiew in our newsletters, giving you three opinions.

so there you have it, the news with newsletters
-ideas, comments, suggestions? please forward them to JKBNewsletters@gmail.com

question- what are you looking forward to most this summer?

quote- Who is the happiest of men? He who values the merits of others, and in their pleasure takes joy, even as though 'twere his own.

June 8-2009
-By Brad

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