Monday, June 1, 2009

Newsletter #00039

friends, subscribers, readers, lend me your eyes, i come to make up the news not to tell it, so sit back while the development of my thoughts continues to influence your very minds

so, as the days dwindle toward the end of yet another school year, we look back, what is it this year that we have accomplished? was it what we wanted? was it even close? were events foreseen? or was it a new experience altogether? did we learn something? better yet, did we learn something about ourselves? did we learn something about each other? did we make mistakes? did we learn to fix them? have we thought? have we been open to experience? have we been forgiving? have we accepted facts? have we discovered our own truths? have we experienced happiness? desperation? have we dicovered our true friends? have we been true friends?

and in light of all these questions, i have but a few more, more abstract than anything, so answers are not needed, and appreciated to be left to the beholder. so please.

was it worth it?
would you redo it?
are you happy with it?
do you hold regrets?

as some may have guessed, these questions refer to some of my experiences, and many of these questions still circulate around in my head. though i feel that it applies to many of you, in many more ways than we may see or think. something we reflect on, in something we are searching for. so, maybe one of these days you should look on it, really think, dwell in the thought, let it consume you, maybe even set aside a time, and at the end, i pray that slowly, a smile comes to your face, in light of the amazing things you have accomplished, or if not, learned, experienced, and where it has taken you, for these are the ultimate questions

what is life?
where are we going?
where have we been?

life is one of the world's most amazing works, and it is as i have stated it, a work. and as it is with works, whether it be a beautiful concerto, or a masterful painting, the work and the crafter are in ultimate and unending correspondace. the creator makes the work, trys different things, learns, takes in, and replicates the good, whilst eliminating the bad. and thus is it with life, how does one know where to go without direction, where does one get direction? well, some would say ask another, some would say experience. then, there are those who take a shot in the dark and hope to end where they may be greeted by a soft landing, with softer surroundings, to me, these people define life, they are the defining features of a painting, maybe not the brilliant colors as those with the direction, or those in the background, made to support the rest of the picture, but to see what is really, really happening, you must have these, you must look into them, you must accept them, you must inteperet them, maybe then, and only then will you gain the understanding that things are not entirely what they are up front, and the brighter the forward colors, the harder definition is to find, but knowledge is dealt to those who do, in fact, search. and congratulations to them, for they have seen the image within the image, they have bypassed the accepted optical illusion, they have seen past the masking features and discovered the image within the painting, and will flourish. but to those who do define the hard truth of the painting, do you know where you are going? have you a goal, or are you living the way that we all should? and those bright colors, maybe you should look at the background, to be able to find the first imperfection is to begin a shift, a shift in what? you define it from here, interperet it as you will, i have not read what i just wrote, i do not know what i said, i will not read it again, so say, think what you will, but do me a favor, and take something from it, it has.......... ended to a certain extent my contemplation for the night.

so, as mentioned before, summer is coming, and it is a new beginning, for everyone, so where will you start yours? and where will you end it? where will we all end up?

June 1-2009
-By Brad

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