Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Newsletter #00042

congratulations to the newly elected student council officers as well as the new band officers. including our new drum majors anna and gabby!

so, today, i would like to announce that i am really excited for this newsletter, for i have something substantial to write about, so please, sit back and try to enjoy.

On relationships:
It has been brought to me recently that there is an entirely different part of a relationship. Now, this could be anything form a normal friendship to a marriage, in each the same resides. Every relationship has one thing in it that fuels the relationship, that keeps it going, and possibly even started it. This being the one item or activity that is quite characteristic of it. this i see to be a part of every thriving, flourishing, and well-deserved relationship.
Now, my inspiration to this notion is not my own thoughts for once, it came from a lecture of a friend of mine, who will be reffered to as bp. bp explained their thoughts very well, and related their words to a boyfriend/girlfriend type situation. they said:
Maybe your one things is sharing an apple, the first thing you did together, no matter how ridicuoous it sounds. this is the thing that sustains the relationship when things get rocky. you can say "oh, well, that's okay, we can talk about it over an apple" or whatever your "thing" is. but the thing is always where company is enjoyed and laughs are shared

My turn now, I am going to fill in where i feel bp left off. this fact applies to friendships just as much as any other kind of realtionship. Take josh and I as an example, our one thing is getting in overly ridiculously illogical arguments, and it holds us together and helps us through things. for example, when one of us is having a rough time, we talk, knowing that we will have a good conversation about something, and it makes us feel good.

alright, today i was asked a question. "is smell physical or emotional?" and my educated answer is that smell is both. it is physical because for us to smell things at all, atoms (physical objects) need to get into our nostrils and travel to our brains receptors which identifies the substance, and lets our body experience the distinct "smell"
it is emotional because of this: two years ago for the science fair, my friends hillary and jessica did a report on how smell is linked to memory. this experiment included taking what i think was three scents, and letting blindfolded subjects smell them in a random order, and telling them the first thing they think of whenthey smell it. ne of the scents was mint, to which most of the tests replied "christmas". another was the smell of coffee, to which many tests came back saying "morning". so not only is smell emotional, but it can trigger a response or a memory.

though this newsletter seems short, i'm happy with it.

question- we will begin our reviews after finals. what should we review for the first attempt?

quote-If there is anything that we wish to change in the child, we should first examine it and see whether it is not something that could better be changed in ourselves.

June 16-2009
-By Brad

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