Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Newsletter #00056

well, so here i sit. utterly embarassed about how long it's been since my last newsletter...
so let me begin by apologizing for that. i'm sorry. i will try harder in the future.

the first thing i want to talk about is how idiotic the court system in massachusetts is, because it has really been bugging me. Yeah, most of us know that the court system works like this:
-you go to the first branch and go before a judge for a decision
-if you feel the decision was unjust or unconstitutional you can appeal it
-appelate court is above and more powerful than the previous court and the decision is final (unless you see it as unjust still where you can keep appealing all the way up to the united states supreme court, if you have that much money lying around)

and this part i have no problem with. that is good, well thought out, effective. the part i have a problem with is the judges themselves. there is nothing anywhere saying that they have to read over anything or even so much as listen to testimony to make a final decision and sign off on it. so it could simply be a choice on a whim. for all the rules care, the judge could be looking between the two papers saying eeny-mini-miny-moe.(haha) but really, they don't have to make an educated and well thought out decision. they may as well pull jurisdictions out of a hat.

well, now that i've got that out i guess i'll tell you a bit about my summer. i don't know if you're interested, but i will. well, i have gone to a few concerts, three at tanglewood. Now, Tanglewood is an amazing place for someone like me. it is the summer home of the boston symphony orchestra and an amazing place to listen to music. the last concert i saw there was the boston pops for film night. absolutely amazing. another concert i attended this summer was a Reel Big Fish concert courtesy of curtis. this really introduced me to the ska genre of music. i highly recommend you try to listen to some, and the band i see running the top of the line for this type of music is streetlight manifesto, i highly recommend you check them out. other than that i've not been doing much, home alone and reading and the sort. i began working on a new form of josh and my school, it's coming along, i may post pictures as to the progress of it here on facebook, it will be a really neat thing when it's done

well, it's all i've got for now, so here are some questions. more than one to make up for my lack of newsletters. i would appreciate answers if you have the time have your summers been?
2.what is your favorite TV show?
3. if you were stuck somewhere, and all necessities were provided, and you were given two.....wishes let's say. what would they be?

Every individual has a place to fill in the world, and is important, in some respect, whether he chooses to be so or not

July 29-2009
-By Brad

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