Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Newsletter #00050

well tonight, everyone from the newsletter team here is trying to put out a newsletter, hope you enjoy it, because it's been quite the week for us.

alright, i felt the need to explain something to you tonight. what josh and i usually talk about in our free time are things called paradoxes, in fact, we have put some in newsletters, don't ask me to name them, but we have. due to this fact, i felt the need to explaing what a paradox is. now, a paradox is usually viewed as a statement that contradicts itself (not an oxymoron), or something that seems to supercede common sense. it could also be seen as anything with a surprizing outcome or something that contradicts out intuition.

I tell you this because tonight's newsetter is going to be a special, if you will. I am going to load paradox upon paradox on you, and baffle your minds. with any luck, they will get stuck in your head, and then you yourself will have a bit of a trick up your sleeve, so sit back and enjoy. also, the movie review will be at the bottom for those who feel the need to see how that is coming from me.

here is a paradox called "The Airy Box" G. B. Airy was a british astronomer who supposedly found an empty box, wrote on a piece of paper "empty box" and placed it inside. now, as you and i both know, by him placing the piece of paper in the box, it is no longer empty, making the statement untrue.

now, this book i'm reading goes on to explain some things (things i deem HIGHLY unneccesary) that i should also put here, just to get you thinking:
1-placement of the slip of paper could alter the truth. if it were taped to the outside, it would be true. if it were placed on the outside, it would be true. if it were placed on the inside, it would be false.if it were taped on the inside (therefore becoming a part of the interior of the box) it would be true.
2-if you were to write "this box is empty" on the inside of a box, it would be true, because though the ink were in it, it has become a part of the box

okay, i can't keep this going. much more on these things next week i promise.

Second Hand Lions was the movie we all watched together on sunday.

i really enjoyed this movie. if you read one of my newsletters awhile ago, i mentioned those people who you need to meet to understand things better. this showed two of those people. you are introduced to two harsh, cruel seeming men, who you come to care so much about by the end of the film. then the main character (whom i forget the name of) is also someone you come to know and like very much. someone to stand up for himself. the ending is surprisingly not sad either, it is happy

sorry for being so vague, i'm tired. the newsletter on monday willl make up for it, i apologize

July 2-2009
-By Brad

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