Monday, May 25, 2009

Newsletter #00036

so, seeing as my other two halves seemed to have skimped on thier newsletter duties last week, i guess i am going to publish 36, instead of 38, haha, i'm just kidding of course, they both wound up busy, so what happened happened

well, today is memorial day, and the parade today went well i would say, things went somewhat quickly, and it wasn't to overbearingly hot. (though some may disagree) nevertheless, it was cooler than last year, so that is always welcome.

so, in light of memorial day, i have decided to assult your minds with some history, though i myself am not a fan of history, i have deemed it quite fit to devote a part of a newsletter to our veterans and serving officers

so, memorial day was origionally started in light of the tragedy of the civil war, the bloodiest war in american history. approximately 620,000 americans were killed. many of the communities of that time began to hold ceremonies and remembrace meetings for the locals that were killed, both in the north and south. after this, a tradition came about of decorating the graves of veterans of the civil war, mostly by the women of the community. then, in 1866, women layed down flowers on union and confederate graves, while veterans marched through the street to a ceremony, which was the first organized recognition of the diceased veterans of the war. waterloo new york on may 5th of 1866 is now known as the "birthplace of memorial day" for being the first place to hold a formally recognized ceremony for the veterans.

and that, my friends, is the history (shortened obviously) of memorial day

so, now i'm going to go on about something i've been doing lately, then end in my newly-established traditional way

i, lately, have been trying to figure out what kind of a personality i have, without using those test things, i just don't trust those, people cannot be held responsible for telling you that trough a multiple choice test, in a way, that is steriotyping. but anyways, i have deemed it impossible, i feel that you yourself cannot decide what kind of personality you have, you can work at changing it, but you cannot name or classify it. my next method i believe would be to ask friends who know me well, but it is another one of those "only human" cases, ganted i would trust my friends with my life, and it is no multiple choice quiz, i just can't see myself accepting things that they would say for the most part.

i feel that that was a highly unproductive paragraph, but if it helped or interested anyone i have accomplished something

question- if you could make any kind of holiday, what would it be? what would it be called? what time of year would it be?

Quote- the truth of a thing is the feel of it, not the think of it

urrrgh, another short one, sorry

May 25-2009
-By Brad

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