Saturday, May 16, 2009

Newsletter #00034

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So something that has been interesting me lately is point of view (POV) in memories and I suppose dreams for that matter. I had never really thought about it much until the other day, but then I realized something: All my memories are in the third person. Quite honestly, I have only a few, if any, that are in first person. I was thinking about it, trying to recall different memories and I just cannot recall any in the first person.

This led me to looking the topic up online. Although it is normal to have memories in the third person, most people have memories I believe either that are in first person POV or a mix of the two. I read that many early memories for people will present themselves as being in the first person.

I suppose you could also have memories in the second person. If you have been reading thus far and have no idea what all this means, I'll quickly explain. A first person memory would mean that you recall an event the same way you experienced it, as though it was being viewed through your own eyes while within your own body.

A third person memory would be a memory recalled where you seem to be outside of your own body, usually viewing yourself doing or experiencing something as though you were next to yourself.

A second person memory then I suppose would be a memory in which you are looking directly at yourself. I'm not sure if this is how a second person memory would present itself, or if you can even have them.

What's just as interesting I think then, is point of view in dreams. Although I recall 99.9% of my memories in the third person, almost all of my dreams have been in the first person. I can remember only a handful that have been third person dreams.

So what about you all? Are your memories 1st, 2nd or 3rd person? A mix? What about your dreams?

Another thing relating to this topic that I was thinking of was whether there is a correlation between 1st or 3rd person POV memories and having a good memory.

For the most part I have a really awful memory. There are certain things I remember, usually facts and stuff, but when it comes to recalling exact memories of things I have done or things people have said, I have trouble remembering. I'd be interested to know if this is just because I have a sucky memory, or whether people with 3rd person memories are more inclined to have bad memories.

Another thing I was thinking about is how the opinions of society affect our own opinions. The most prevalent example (coming to mind at my moment anyways) is fashion. Sometimes I see famous people and people trying to look trendy, who wear the strangest things. I mean some of the stuff I've seen is just downright ugly, and yet there are a ton of people who like it. Now this could just be that I have different opinions than them (which I do), but I also think that the opinions of the masses have a large effect on our own. Because the clothing these people wear is expensive, or new, or part of some fad, people like it. And then because its becoming popular, other people start to be influenced until they too like it.

This could explain why some fads in fashion come about. Throughout history there have been some really weird things that become popular and then, within a decade or so, the fad fades out and people no longer think that something they once liked is good anymore. The same holds true with music.

I remember before the third grade the three most popular musicians/ music groups had to have been NSYNC, the Backstreet Boys and Brittany Spears. I listened to them, and I know many others did also. Then I hit the third grade and suddenly it was uncool to listen to them. So what did I do? I started disliking them and even got rid of my cds. Of course, I regret this today when me and my friends are being dorks and listening to those old cds, but it goes along with the opinion of the masses affecting the opinions of an individual.

Alright, well that's all I've got for today. Be sure to check out our new blog and comment either on facebook or there. Also, please answer the question about POV in your own memories and dreams. I'm interested to see which is more prevalent- 1st or 3rd (and whether anyone actually has 2nd POV memories)

May 16-2009
-By Kasey

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