Monday, May 18, 2009

Newsletter #00035

soooooooo, urrgh, monday, and it's already been a week that has lasted forever

so, josh and i were talking bout a show that i recently viewed called "life after man" or something to that effect, if you've seen it or seen commercials, you'll know what i'm talking about. anyway, we were talking about what they said in it, and one of their major reiterated points was that in approximately one-hundred thousand years, all cities, including chicago and manhattan, will be reduced to nothing more than a flat plain. in fact, it showed a picture of what manhattan will be, and it literally showed the place where the city was as a completely flat plain with multiple rivers running through it. i don't completely agree with this, but according to josh and sam, it is in fact possible. so i will side with them

i also had to laugh, a few years back, on a space station, we sent up something called an "immortality drive" this is a chip with written dna and dna samples of three human beings, being stephen hawkings, stephen colbert, and joe.....something, it's a girl, despite the first name. anyway, the funny thing is this- it was sent up in case some caticlismic event destroyed life on earth, so another species could find that we existed, the problem is this: without humans regulating the altitude, it would drift about two miles closer to earth each year, until it finally would re-enter the atmosphere, and burn up. this is the fact that makes this so-called "immortal" drive, entirely mortal.

well, my mind is on one of those overdrive think nights when i have a million ideas and thoughts, but none of which i can discuss, so i will try to come up with one more thing, and if not you will know, because i will move on to my quote/question, then the following announcements

alright, different order, announcements, then a different version of question, then quote then done

so announcements
we would like to ask all you readers to try to get as many people to read these as possible, please, we want to see where we can take this and what we can do with this, so please, let friends and freinds of friends know about what we do, and give them our no-longer exclusively facebook operation, give them our blog or website address (once again, www.newslettergroup.blogsp and ask them to read, leave comments, whatever, more readers would really be nice

okay, for the questions, this is going to be a reader-opinionated response section, do what you can, and any and all anwers are greatly appreciated:

1. what additions would you like to see? what do you think would make this more interesting to more people? an example of an idea could be us going and seeing movies, then giving our own thoughts on it, like a review, just little sections to add like that, so any ideas are cool, and taken seriously i can assure you, we have alot of plans you have any likes/dislikes about these newsletters, if so, please feel free to share, we can't ask for praise and not expect criticism, so say what you want

3. will you try to get more people involved and reading these?

okay, now for the ending quote on a sadly short newsletter
- falling in love is alot like dying. you never get to do it enough to become good at it

May 18-2009
-By Brad

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