Monday, May 11, 2009

Newsletter #00032

yay! newsletter! i am so happy to be writing something other than a report

first and foremost is personal news. I got a new saxophone!! yay!! it is a silver, yamaha soprano saxophone with gold keys. it is an intermidiate model, with no neck detatchment. I urge you to look at my profile picture it is there, though my profile picture is actually a different saxophone, the one in my picture is a jupiter artist's series with a detachable neck, but it similar colors.

second, to torture you bando's out there, i know next year's show, but i cant tell, so ha :-P

henceforth, this will be a facebook-related newsletter, my views on some of the goings-on lately here on facebook, and a couple possible ideas, so here goes. oh, almost forgot, i will number them, the bottom will explain why.

1.)first, becoming fans of things. when did this even happen? what is the purpose? who came up with it? it is an idea that i myself have not actually participated in as of yet, but i think i will start becoming a fan of things, it seems a neat concept with me, it's like a quick way to say i enjoy this without actually having to write it in your profile, so this gets a check by me, i like this

2.)poking people. i realize this isn't new, but nobody has said anything like any of this in a newsletter yet, so i claim my stake. poking is amazing, and will be, i have enjoyed poking people since before i knew what a facebook was, now i can do it with half the effort, and get into all-out poking wars with friends, this was an amazing idea, one i really enjoy

3.)the like button. this is n interesting idea, it is used for saying you enjoy something without having to comment, which is the purpose i think. but for me, even though i do like the quickest thing, i do not like the "like" button, if you are going to tell a person you "like" something, you should be more personal

4.)the absense of a "dislike" button. we have to be fair facebook, there need to be a dislike button if there is a like button, you can't always like everything, so what if it can be a bad thing sometimes? if there was i dislike button, i could justify the like button.

5.) the chatbox that they literally just changed. i don't like how it is now, i like how they display the pitures of the half-moon people now, but seriously, if you are going to keep changing something, make a change worth making, it is still aggrivating to use, and slow to respond, i give this change an F, if you are going to change it, make it responsive and easier to use.

6.)groups. groups are amazing, actually, josh just made one for these notes, join now or else. it is an amazing way to hold things together, groups was definately one of the better ideas here on facebook.

7.)notes. Where would we be without notes? notes make these newsletters possible, and other types of communication possible as well, to me, it is the best thing here on facebook (even if some of the quizzes passed on are bad)

8.)the inbox/messenger thingy. This is something i see as completely stupid, i cannot stand it, if you want to contact someone, write on their wall, tag them in a note, seriously, the only thing is is good for is private messaging or large group contacts. it is very annoying to me, and sometimes you don't even notice you have a message, urrgh, one of the more aggrivating things on facebook.

9.)apps, apps are fun, but eat up your time, like i really enjoy graffiti and the flair apps, but they eat away at my life, and it hurts, apps have sharp teeth.i believe they are worth keeping though

10.)ads. who actually pays attention to these ads? some of them are really messed up i think, like those creepy tee-shirt ones. i am against ads, but for them at the same time, i like the fact that facebook is free to use don't you?

now for the epitome of my random rambling, my qustion tonight is this:
for numbers 1-10, what is your opinion? do you agree with me? and do you have any arguments other than what i have? if so please feel free to make them, i want this to be a newsletter very open to discussion

quote-he who knows other is wise.he who knows himself is enlightened

pay attention to the next few newsletters, i would like to start something new, but still need to consult kasey and josh, my other two halves in this corporation of sorts (and yes, i am composed of three halves, don't ask how i do it, it's a secret)

May 11-2009
-By Brad

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