Monday, May 4, 2009

Newsletter #00029

Today I'm going to put out a newsletter instead of Brad, so he'll be putting one out instead on Wednesday. Sorry if you were expecting him, he'll still be doing one. And he'll have his super-über Magic Squares on Wednesday.






3.1415926535897932384626 is NOT pi! Pi continues forever, forever, and forever, forever, and forever!!!

Something that came into my mind yesterday was society, and where it would be nowadays if the plane, or any flying vehicle was never invented. What if humans were grounded to the Earth. How would we be? What would society be like?

I think that overall, we would be quite different. Without planes to ship materials and humans, we would have delays in traveling, and transporting supplies. World trade would be entirely dependent on the sea. Seaports instead of airports would be where everybody would be, and trains would be used quite often too. Also, I think this would maybe have an effect on our personalities. It seems like people expect others to be hostile, so they react accordingly when they meet someone for the first time.

In English, we are reading The Odyssey, by Homer. It seems like a good book and story, but honestly, this is the one book this year that it really hurts to read. I just can't bring myself to really focus while reading it. But whenever Odysseus or his son go out somewhere, they always meet hospitable people. At one point, Odysseus gets a feast and games just because he is a guest from far away! People aren't asking questions like who you are, where are you from, and all that when they first meet them. They are kind, and welcome them into their homes. I think that in the present time we live in, people are never looking for the best in a person. They expect the worst. It's sad, but true.

Now, maybe not having airplanes won't turn everyone into a saint, but I think that it would be maybe slightly different. Without airplanes, maybe people would be kinder to those who have traveled from far away.

I enjoy English. My two strongest subjects are Math and English. I was told recently that most people are either English and History or Math and Science. I am both. Science is OK, and I like it. Definitely more than History. I like the teachers, but not the subject. I can't stand it. I don't know what it is about me, but I just can't. It's my weakest link, and one of my worst subjects. And I signed up for AP History next year. I'll get the work done, but I'll be miserable while I do it. =\

Kasey, you and Shauna talked about a website where you type, and it sends you reminders is you stop typing, or delete your text, or something like that. Could you post me the link? Or if anyone else knows of any website, could you tell me?

I recently scored 15.5/50 points on a giant math test! =D A 30%! And that ranked me 3rd for GHS Sophomores. =P

For college, I think I want to major in Applied Mathematics. I really like math. I like drafting too, and I did it in 8th grade. I'm signed up next year for it, so I debating between Mechanical Engineering, Drafting (CAD), or Applied Mathematics. But I like English too. I kinda want to do it all. Good thing I still have some time left to think about it.

The french class is going to France next year! 10 day trip in England and France! Yay! =D
Price... =[ $2400
But I get to go! =D Avec ma mère aussi!


1- How do you think society will be in 100 years?
2- Do you have any advice on what I should major in?
3- What did you think of what I wrote in my last newsletter, the one with the really big long paragraph?
4- Join the new facebook group! Not a question, a demand!

May 4-2009
-By Josh

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