Thursday, May 14, 2009

Newsletter #00033

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I was talking with Brad again, and I got to thinking about Dualism again, except in a different way. I was thinking on how nothing is 100%, and that you can never be fully right. You can't even be sure of what you are saying. Due to the (alleged) fact that your mind and body are two seperate enties from each other, then you're mind can never be 100% sure on what your body is doing, and vice versa.

Also, what about Point of View? This ties in with perspective on things, but it is different. Take a mango for instance. When you see/hear the word mango, most people get an image of the fruit in their minds. But you were taught that that was a mango. What if I been taught that a mango was a person? Now, I pose a question to a person, and ask, "Are you a mango?" Now, most people would be confused, and reply, "No...." And if I asked, "Are you sure?" and they said "Yes," then they could be at fault. I was asking if they were a mango, and I was thinking that I was referring to them as a person. However, they thought I was calling them a fruit. So, because you cannot tell what another person is really saying, you can never be certain you understood them. So, you can never fully understand anything in this world. It is all on how you interpret it.

Humans are very impressionable creatures while they are young, and you can make them believe anything. That's why kids believe in magic, and monsters, and the such.

Because of all of this, nobody is ever correct. I can ask, "Is two plus two equal to four?" and your response would be "Yes." But, you were assuming I meant numbers. You have no idea if you are correct. And I don't know if my answer is correct either. I could have meant piles of dirt, in which case the answer is one. And, I do not know what "Yes" means to you. You could have been brought up to think that "Yes" is "No" and "No" is "Yes." I do not know what you mean. So, if any of you have talked with Brad, you have probably asked him a question that is not a Yes or No question, and yet he responds with Yes.

Me: What's for lunch today?
Brad: Yes.

To me, I do not understand what Brad means. But to Brad, he could be telling me exactly what is for Lunch. Everything is from your point of view, and what you have been brought up to know.

Everything in the world is based off of assumptions. There is no way to be certain we even exist. Or is there? Who knows.. And how do you know if it's the truth? Trust is a big part in our world, and we probably don't realize how much we rely on it.

Ok. Last thing for today. I was talking during study, and we were talking about lazers, and different colors, and how me and Brad will conquer the world with them. (Muahahaha). But the question is..

What is the opposite of moving?

Now, to those of you who say standing still is, I don't think that is true. Standing still is the middle ground. That's like saying 0 is the opposite of 1. In reality, -1 is the opposite of 1. So, moving is equal to 1, standing still is equal to 0, and the opposite of moving is equal to X. Solve for X.

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May 13-2009
-By Josh

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