Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Newsletter #00004

alright, so i really have like no time to write right now, so here is just a little short note, at least it has a purpose

here we are on the circles, i can't say much, so i will finish up nex week.

the atom is a good argument, but i believe that the atoms can be aligned perfectly still so that a perfect circle is formed that goes through the nuclei, and if you don't agree, take it to the subatomic level, you will find a way.

the circle over circle deal was irrelevant, it proves me correct if anything

pi isn't used to draw a perfect circle, it is derived from one, and the only way you can even get pi is to use the dimensions and proportins FROM a perfect circle.

that ends that, more to come i promise

what if dates were put to decimals? like if it was june 4 at 5:00 am, could you write this:

6.09/4.2/09.43 (estimated decimals)

and could you end up a date that was 3.02/pi/09.33?

and for my question:
if you were to be shrunk, would you die of lack of oxygen?
i ask this because of this fact- to shrink, you would need to shrink every one of your atoms, and if your atoms became proportionately incorrect to the size that your body needs to use them.

sorry if that is hard to follow

here we are, the main part of this note


alright, we are going to add one more person to this, how it works is this:
to enter, simply whrite a note and send it to my email adress (bms7269@aol.com) by next tuesday,
then, i will publish all the notes sent to me on wednesday, and it is up to all the tagged people to rate the notes, the one with the best rating, gets to be a part of this.

sorry it had to be so short

questions? write on my wall, call me, email me, anything

February 10-2009
-by Brad

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