Friday, February 13, 2009

Newsletter #00005

Ok. Here I go. Sorry it's late.

Both last night and tonight I was doing Shoulder Taps for the Gardner Community Action Team (GCAT). GCAT is an organization that goes around helping our community. A shoulder tap is when a group of kids from our S.A.D.D. group go out and stand outside liquor establishments and ask people walking in if they would go and buys us some alcohol. We do mention that we are underage. But we need to keep it hypothetical, or it's entrapment. Believe it or not, we get quite a bit of No's, and very few Yes's (though there are some). But that's what I've been doing for the past two nights, which have prohibited me from typing this.

On to the main topic of my newsletter, I am going to talk about something that I like to call Chindapan. Chindapan is made up of an alliance of three countries: China, India, and Japan. This would be an economic alliance used to control the world market. They would be able to control the economy of the world, and shape it how they see fit. Without any military conquest whatsoever, they would be able to conquer the globe. With the world market in control, they would be unstoppable.

There are some countries, like us, that have become so dependent on these countries, that with out them, we would be lost. Eventually we would be able to support ourselves, but it would take a lot of effort and time. In the meantime, we would be helpless. Our economy would crumble, and we would need to find a way to rise from the ashes. But what about the other countries that can't support themselves? They would be left at the mercy of Chindapan. Or, they would go through a civil war that would last for quite awhile.

There would be so many issues that could arise because of this economic alliance, it's scary just to think about it. Who would be able to stop them if they formed and became one? China, having lots of people, and great trade with the world, would be able to just stop everything. Japan, being if not the top one of the top places in the world in technology, would be able to hack anywhere in the world, and take over the world through robots and computers. India, just because they are like that. And it seems they're a big Asian power. But that is my theory on what could happen if they ever did form an alliance. Let's hope they don't.

You know something about me? I love being random. It's what make life fun. Being random I think is a sign of a healthy mind, not a sick one. Because by being random, you are able to extend your creative process out of control, and are able to do anything that you want. Another thing that I quite enjoy is writing. I have gotten back in the spirit of writing. I just love it. It's fun to do, and I get to express myself in different ways. It's an amazing thing. I know people don't like to read or write, but I don't understand that. Reading is something that I could never live without, and it makes me feel happy. Reading a good book is a way to escape from the world, and enter a new one. It's a continuous movie going through my head. It's an amazing thing when a book can do that to a person. And after reading, I have more new ideas in my head, which help me end up being more random and spontaneous.

Music is a way of meditating. I actually tried it. I was extremely stressed out earlier because of life (who isn't), so I put my headphones in and blared some music. I just sat in the middle of the floor, and crossed my legs, shut my eyes, and tried to empty my mind. This is the one time I didn't use randomness. I put a song that relaxes me on repeat, and I passed 1/2 hour in what felt like 5 minutes. And I became really relaxed. I just tried to imagine a blank canvas in my head. A painter's easel to be exact. Just imagined the empty canvas on the stand. There were still thoughts going through my head, but they were extremely vivid. It was almost like I was dreaming, but I wasn't. I would examine one thought, and it would lead to the next. All in vivid detail. When I got done, bored, or wanted to move on, I just thought of the blank canvas again. It was really interesting, and I'm probably going to try it again in the future. Just thought I'd share that with you.

I really do enjoy writing these. Writing cheers me up. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed typing it. I know that what I typed about really wasn't like worldly issues or anything really debatable (though anything can become a debate in my opinion), I at least think that they are somewhat interesting topics. If you don't think so, and think that I should just stick to kinda what I was doing before, tell me. Because I have no issues with it. Tonight was just kinda free-form for me. Anyways, before I go, I have some questions instead of a puzzle for this newsletter:

1. What is your opinion on having a school newspaper at GHS?
2. Do you think French will ever be a useful language in the future?
3. Are you going to enter the contest?
4. Did you enjoy this kind of writing, or my other kind? Both?
5. Did you know that it is difficult to pronounce Irish Wristwatch quickly while speaking out loud?
6. Do you prefer a puzzle over a survey?
7. Are you aged 57 years 8 months or older?
7.5 If you answer No to the above, would you consider becoming a cell phone?
8. If the sky is purple, what color is the moon?
10. This is a statement.
11. Did you notice there is no #9?

February 13-2009
-by Josh

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