Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Newsletter #00027

It's been two weeks since I've written a newsletter, but now it's back. Life is very, very hectic, and trying to find time for things like this is becoming more and more difficult...

Ok, first off, want to talk about procrastination. Overall, I think that this is a worse pandemic than the swine flu. It is a very dangerous disease, and could potentially cause great harm to the person who happens to be afflicted with this disease. Also, said person normally has this disease for quite some time, which is why this is also quite a bad disease. I decree (yes, decree ) that there should be a pill to cure this horrible disease. They have pills for everything else nowadays, they should have one to cure procrastination. They need to fix this now. This is not as bad as cancer or AIDS, but this is still a very serious problem. I myself, have the procrastination bug. I've been fighting it for quite some time, and no matter how hard I try, I cannot seem to overcome it. If anyone knows of any experimental techniques on curing this, I would not mind being a guinea pig. =P

Something else that I alluded to above was caner. The Relay for Life is in June, and it is a really big event in Gardner. Gardner, MA has the biggest Relay in all of New England, and is ranked 3rd in the nation overall. 3RD!! This place out in the middle of nowhere, that used to have furniture but is now all but devoid of industry, has the 3rd biggest Relay in all of the United States of America. That is amazing, and I would like to congratulate all who participate. I am on my own family's team, and this year I am co-chairing the team for the Leo Club. If you want more information, go to .

XBOX Live is quite fun.
I applied for an officer position for Leo Club.
I am 16.
The numbers one through ten you are supposed to type out, while all numbers greater than 11 you can actually represent with the numbers themselves.
I live in condos. (yes, plural )
The font size changes are small and big .
As of right now right now I have used all the different font editors to change the font.

Last night I taught myself how to use sine cosine and tangent. Due to an incompetent teacher I have had previously, I did not know how to use them at all. Now, I know how to basically use them, and I am looking for further instruction from my friend Tim on how to use it in more advanced ways.

My brother just got himself blown up in a video game. Call of Duty 4.
You are not supposed to use contractions such as isn't and can't while typing an essay. That is improper sentence structure (that's what I believe it would fall under), and plus it helps extend your essay to write out the words is not and can not.
It bugs me when people do not use proper grammar and spelling whilst typing on the computer. Using proper English and punctuation makes you seem more intelligent, and it makes it a lot easier for the reader to understand your point. if u type lik tis, no1 relly g3ts wat u r tryin 2 say.

I just took an online typing test, and discovered that my average Words Per Minute (WPM) is about 63. I find this to be quite well, and I am content with it.

I believe in the rain. I believe in the sun. However, when the rain and the sun combine, it releases all the heavenly beauty of the earth and sky. With the perfection of both comes the modest sum of all, and without fail the divergence of them will yet to come. For, without perfection, there is nothing to behold the eye of the receiver. The eye is not of utmost importance though; it is through the hearing of the heart in which the truth is hidden. So, would you not rather be blind and see, or see and be blind? This is the question that humanity has failed to answer as it repeats itself in the never-ending cycle of life. Is it possible to have one without the other? Without a doubt. But can you have both? No, that is out of the reach of the human. The preference of the latter is the majority of those around us, but it is the wanting of the first which makes the few of us human. But pause, and wonder. For is it to us who can see without the eye to judge on to those who can't? Is there a way for equality upon all to be forged together, and united as one? Alas, there is no way yet discovered. For is the way is unlocked, it would be that of chaos. For where there is perfection, there is disruption. Where the light exists, the darkness dwells, not falling far behind. So on the road to perfection; one must embrace the chaos around us, in order not to lose the sense of perfection. But once one reaches the goal of perfection, does it all reciprocate back unto those who strived to make is so?

Ultimately, it does not. We as humans have failed one another why trying to make those around us into us. So, does the problem reside within ourselves, or within those around us? Does it yet perform to those unto who it is attached? There is no constant in which it can be recognized. The human race is plagued by those who which to perfect, and those who wish to not. So the fault is at neither side, for neither can even exist without the other. We can only exist as long as the other is at fault. But fault is not determined by those who are judging, but by those who are performing. Those who judge are at their own fault for judging. A failure can only exist as long as the one who has failed has called it so. For once it has lost its name; it has also lost its gravity. So, to those who have failed, do not fail. Simply, consider the failure as a lesson gained from the wisdom of the past. To those who judge, do not judge others, but yourself. When those who judge can say that they themselves are without fault, then they themselves shall judge. But they shall not be human. For a human cannot exist without being subject to the self-inflicted fault of oneself. Without that fault, the human is no longer human. So, those without fault shall judge those who are not human, and shall reserve their judgment for those only who are like them. Leave the judging of others to yourself, and not make it plain to the world. For by doing so, you alienate yourself of humanity, and without humanity, there is cruelty; with cruelty comes disruption; with disruption: disaster; and with disaster: chaos. We as humans have created chaos by disobeying the laws of humanity. The chaos is rain, falling down on us all, and making us grow larger. By growing larger, it is up to each individual to decide whether to grow while facing the sun, or turned away. Both make us grow. One cannot exist without the other. I believe in the sun. I believe in the rain.
Really nice picture that I took

April 29-2009
-By Josh

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