Monday, April 6, 2009

Newsletter #00022

congrats to band and women's choir for their silver medals, good work.

i like putting these little things first, i'm not sure what it is exactly, i think it's just the easiest way to start off my newsletters, like even when i have no announcements, i say what i am doing, or something to that effect, i think it makes the transition from my life to at the computer writing just a little bit easier, this is how it is with me, i need some sort of introductory experience into everything, then i can get comfortable and into whatever it is that i should be doing. like speaking, i always have to say how it is my opinion or say something stupid before i speak, it gets me less nervous, or it prepares me, i'm not quite sure which it really is.....huh....

so here is an announcement that josh semi-mentioned n his last note, he and i are going to build s school, no, not an actual educational building, but it will be a model, probably a few feet long, it will be composed of three floors, ones which you will be able to see, it will be a "building block" school. we will be able to take the roof and all the floors off so to be able to observe the individual classrooms and offices, and gyms, and our largest feat, our what will be extravagant auditorium. the inside will be detailed, we will have desks, painted hallways, painted gyms with basketball hoops, a detailed auditorium with curtains, a main entry way, and windows in every room possible.

now, you would probably think that this will be alot of work, and you are right. but josh and i love the idea, so over the summer and most likely into next year we will be working on the design scheme, how we are going to get the floors to fit together, designing the auditorium, planning the sports fields effectively, placing josh's so-called tetrahedron on our roof which will become a skylight. on top of this, we will need bleachers, a track, defined school colors, a curriculum so we can decide what rooms to have (Ex. home ec., art, band, chorus, photography *which would require a dark room*, so on so forth)
at the bottom of this note i am going to attempt to place a picture of our overall building design, i would like to know what you think, what classes we should have, maybe suggestions (can't assure we will use them all, but input is always always appreciated) but that is our grand design for awhile now, tell me whatcha think.

I was having a discussion with curtis this morning, it was about laughing. have you ever noticed how all the words that are like laughing end in -le?for example, giggle, chuckle, etc.. well, we decided that laugh for us will now be laughle (laugh-le) this word can be used in sentences. I laughled at the joke. the comedian had the crowd laughling wildly. You see? it makes so much sense, haha, well, the main reason i put this in here is this, i would like to see how many people i can get to start using this word. now you don't have to obviously, but it would be some fun, its just one of my little social experiments. so use it if you can, and see where it takes us!

Josh and i were having one of our strange discussions over luch today, and we were arguing (of course)
about which would be better, flying, or being able to transport instantaneously. here are the two views, josh said that if you were able to transport, you wouldn't be able to enjoy the feeling of flight and not be able to seethe world from up high, which i agree with, i would very much like to be able to fly and be in the clouds, but, my thing is this, i would rather transport because:

1. you could still technically trasport into midair, fall, and transport before you hit the ground

2. you could transport to the top of a high place, and look down, and still se all you sights

3. you could avoid conflicts in a way, it is immediate, so the second you want to, you can be gone from a place could sneak up on people, it would be funny(my personal thought)

well, this is all i have for the week

reality does not exist--yet

1. will you begin using the new word?
2.if you could start a club, what would it be?

oh, sorry for the lack of picture and extra explanation down here, i can't find the camera

April 6-2009
-By Brad

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