Monday, April 13, 2009

Newsletter #00025

Ugh, monday, and it's been a long week already, well, i hope you all had a good easter, and if not, i hope this can help ease your not-good-easterness

so, here is one of my most recent observations, one that has probably been stated by many people before me in many different ways, in fact, i think there is a group here on facebook that is about it, but here goes anyway. I believe that everyone in the world is connected, it may be a long chain to get there, but we really are, look at it as i explain it.

Every person has a different interest, and when someone has an interest, they usually enjoy sharing said interest with someone who has the same interest. So to accomplish this desired rendezvous with the person with whom they share interests, they usually join interest groups or group activities to express themselves to and with other people, who become good friends after time. These groups could pertain to alot of different areas, sports teams, book clubs, debate teams, math teams, SADD, bands, or even just a group of close friends.

Now, the way i see things is as follows: nobody has only one interest, even if the other interest is very small. so most people are interested in many a different thing, so they join these interest groups and teams according to what they like, usually two or three at any given time. While people are with their respective groups, as said before, they make friends, acquaintences, companions, all of whom probably also have another interest and are in yet another club, probably one that the origional person doesn't belong to. Like me, i belong to several bands, SADD, a group of friends that get together, the newsletter team with Kasey and Josh, so on so forth.In each of these groups i have made friends that are in other things, they have a job or are in NHS or something that i myself have no part in. and i am undoubtedly sure that each and every one of these friends i make is in another group, that has madefriends in their other respective groups.

The way i see it, this connects everyone (or most people at the very least) in the world through creating an interweaving net of interests that encompasses just about everyone. and there is my concluson, now, like i said, many people have said like things, here is my origional version of it, no matter how origional or unorigional it may seem to any one of you.

While i am on the subject of groups and friends, let me share another quite recent revelation to myself. as mentioned multiple times now, i am a member of various bands, from prestigious to community, and in each and every one, i notice that i can relate with almost everyone in them automatically. i find i can finish their sentences and things.

unfortunately, i really have to get off the computer, so i have to end here

Before you ask more questions, think about whether you really want the to know the answers

in your opinion, can being worried cause jealousy? or vice versa?

April 13-2009
-By Brad

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