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Newsletter #00060

August 11, 2009

So, it's been awhile again, but from now on i have something that will prevent this problem. my main reason i haven't been writing is i can never think of what to write about, but it isn't like i don't come up with ideas, i always do, it's just that i always forget when i sit down at the computer to write. so from now on i'm going to carry around what i am calling my "newsletter handbook" which is a small composition notebook that i will write down all my ideas in and discuss them in my newsletters with you readers. so hopefully this recurring problem is finished now.

my first topic is spurred on by my friend nick, who if you are reading this on facebook is tagged over there> and also guest wrote on kasey's day in a newsletter. we were having a pointless argument over words rhyming with themselves. the points of view were as follows:

1. that a word can rhyme with itself because you can have more than one of the same word, and one word is obviously going to sound the same as itself, therefore rhyming.
2.that a word cannot rhyme with itsef because every word sounds like itself, but a rhyme is with two different words.

so, to see which is actually correct, i will give you a definition of rhyme courtesy of

rhyme (in the context we need it)-a word agreeing with another in terminal sound: Find is a rhyme for mind and womankind.

so i know my opinion, but i will let you choose, what is your thought?

so, recently, i had a very stimulating conversation with a very close friend of mine, and we were talking about.......hmm...i'm not even sure how to categorize it. if you all could relate i would call it a "lower brass life talk" but not all of you would get that. so i'll just move on and explain. we came to the conclusion that messages in simple text over either the internet and email or instant messaging services and text messages on your phone can be....i don't want to say bad, but used to conceal i suppose. think about it this way, when you im or text message a person, there is no real-time conversation, you can wait to respond and plan out your next statement, your next move so to speak, as if you were trying to stay one step ahead of the other person in a game of chess. but this is not the only reason. have you ever been with someone and had a conversation, thought about it, and then sent the person a message making sure you know that you may have meant something other than what you said? well this is why it could be bad too, it provides too much of a "crutch" as it was referred to to things like this. making it possible for people to lie outright or be misunderstood, or so many other things.

okay, now for the main point of the argument. these things would not be bad if e could keep faithful to ourselves and our friends at the very beginning of things, first time, not in a repercussion. this is how life and interaction should be. the problem is that it isn't so easily done as it is said. the thing you must do first is figure out who you are and what your truth is before you can pretend to tell friends things honestly. and this is my largest problem in fact. but then, the next step is to learn to be open around others, to stick to truth as a policy and not an option......well, i'm not sure that went as i planned or if it sounded as i wanted it to, but hopefully it did and you get what i was trying to say.

now to a lighter note. last saturday i had some friends over, and we were sitting around the fire when we noticed a strange strip of clouds or smoke or something, that was moving across the sky as a cloud, but was way to thin to stay it's shape and not get distorted. it was strange, we had conversatoins about it. this is how we spend our time, haha, looking into the clouds, telling each other they are going to kill us and something is wrong =P

alright, the end of summer is very close now, and so if you remember a certain newsletter of mine at the beginning of the summer i say the same, you should treat it as a new beginning and try to take advantage of whatever oppurtunities come your way. i will not be putting a newlsetter out next week, my life will be taken over by band camp. so hopefully i will get one out the week after.

-did you have/are you haven a good summer?
-do you know where swamps come from?
-can you define the color red?

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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