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Newsletter #00059

So it’s been what, like 3 weeks since I last did a newsletter?? (Not including that one where Nick guest-wrote). Sorry about that. I’ve been really busy. Actually I should be doing my AP history homework right now, but that’s totally not happening FYI. Although I did get through like 13 pages or so, which is the most I’ve done in one day ever. Anyways /rant. Moving on.

So a week or two ago I was talking to Lauren Pi online and we came up with an idea of something we wanted to try, just for fun. I’ve had writer’s block for months now and she has had artist’s block, which, obviously is a bit of a problem. Anyways, we decided that we would choose a word or a theme and I would draw a picture involving it and she would write a story. The word she chose was magic.

Anyways, here I am thinking Shit, I have very limited artistic abilities. This will not end up good. The idea of what I wanted to draw came to me very quickly, and I figured it would be something that hopefully wouldn’t be too hard to do.

The plan was to show two teens, a boy and a girl, in a field in front of woods at night. There would be stars in the sky spelling out the word MAGIC (Yes, its cheesy. No, in my head it was less cheesy—at the time anyways). The boy and girl would be facing each other with their hands at about face level and their fingertips would be touching. And the boy and girl were both supposed to have this light sort of thing emitting from their hands/fingertips. The boy was going to have red light around his hands and the girl blue so that where their fingertips met it would be purple. (Red + Blue = Purple. Thank you elementary school art for that lesson).

Basically this was the plan. I was going for the whole “love is magic” thing and the fact that both the boy and the girl had that rather magical light thing coming from their hands. In my rather tired mind, it was a genius idea.

Long story short: There were a few *ahem* difficulties with my original plan once I tried putting it to paper. Not to mention the fact that this was wayyyy more time-consuming than it should’ve been. Anyways, I eventually did get the picture done, albeit with a few small changes.

Change 1: The boy and the girl became two guys. I like it so if you have a problem with gays deal with it. (Not to mention you probably shouldn’t be reading my newsletters). The actual reason it became two guys though is because I thought it would be easier to draw. NEWSFLASH! It wasn’t. Seriously. The guy on the right (you’ll see the pic in a minute) took me FOREVER.

Change 2: No forest. It was too hard to draw.

Change 3: The guys are side to side rather than facing each other. Any of my original delusions regarding how much talent I actually possess are long gone. I couldn’t figure out how to draw them facing each other so you get a front view instead.

Ok, so you’re probably thinking “So what does this picture that Kasey has spent like an hour describing actually look like?”

Good question. Here’s a few pictures of it for you all. It turned out slightly better than I thought it would, but I think I will stick to writing in the future.

The word MAGIC written in the stars is just as cheesy as you all probably thought it would be, w/e.

Here’s another one closer up.

And one more. You can see the colors around the boys’ hands, which was a way cooler idea before I put it on paper, BTW.

Next was Lauren’s role in this grand scheme of things. Unlike me however, she didn’t hop right to the opportunity of writing about magic. Instead she waited until we hung out and she saw my picture so that she could write based off of what I’d drawn. We both came up w/ most of the ideas for the initial storyline, which involves my two characters at a magic school. We decided to name them Rhian and Seph. Rhian is the one on the left and Seph is the one on the right.

So far we only have about a page written up of our story. Who knows if it will ever go anywhere, but it was definitely fun doing what we did for this project. Here’s what we got written in case you wanted to read it. (FYI Lauren wrote most of this. I think the last paragraph or two was mine. We both came up w/ the ideas for the story though)

Rhian and Seph’s Story:

The creation of magic is a phenomenon that is highly debated amongst the greatest sages of the day. Where it originated we do not know. The wisest of magic entities can, however, tell you, if you are gracious enough to listen, the substance upon which magic is fueled. It is something even a mere wizi-child can comprehend. From the smallest of pixies to the largest of giants, this force binds us all. This bond is love.
At large, however, this fact is mostly ignored as the magic community herds its youth into large towers to study tome upon ancient tome of nonsensical spells and brews. And it is here that we find ourselves in the company of a young man who, if you ask, politely, will tell you his name is—
“What?” spoke a disgruntled voice.
“You are going to be late. It makes a dismal first impression on the Sages. Tut, tut, what would your mother think?” came an irritating high-pitched response.
“Probably nothing, seeing as we haven’t spoken since she sent me to this spirit-forsaken, pitiful excuse for a learning institution.”
At this point, Rhian’s companion decided to present his rather small person by stepping down the spiral staircase from which his voice had previously been drifting.
Roland Humphrey Ignatius Carleton III came from a long line of legendary figures that had done everything from free small nations to coming remarkably close to curing the common cold. Roland distinctly not following in his family’s incredibly large footsteps, and not just because he was a man of such small proportions, proceeded to do absolutely nothing with his life.
Or at least, this is how Rhian would describe the chosen career path of the bane of his existence. In reality, the white-haired, pointy-eared man was the doting assistant of Rhian’s mother. To the great disdain of both Rhian and Roland, his most recent assignment tethered the two together for the indefinite amount of time during which Rhian would be forcibly studying magic at Carleton’s Ridge.
“This spirit-forsaken, pitiful excuse for a learning institution happens to be the finest establishment the likes of you should ever hope to be admitted to. It is on the sole grace of your mother’s name that my great-great uncle’s university has lowered its standards so drastically,” huffed Roland.
*I believe I take over after this point*
“Listen here elf—”
“I’m not an elf!” squeaked Roland indignantly.
Rhian blatantly ignored Roland’s protests, not unlike he had been doing for the greater part of his life.
He got to his feet and shrugged on one of the woolen cloaks thrown haphazardly across the chair beside his bed.
“I’m leaving.”
“Dressed just as scruffy as ever I see.”
Roland’s criticism fell on deaf ears as Rhian was already well on his way. Where to, he wasn’t sure, although he was certain of one thing. Rocks and Their Uses in the Wizarding World, the first of many undoubtedly pointless classes filling Rhian’s schedule, would not be his final destination.

So I’ll bet you’re wondering. What exactly have I taken from this whole experience??
Well, for one thing. Lauren is wayyyy better at writing than I am at drawing. Which, I think is totally unfair. But hey, that’s life! Also, drawing does nothing to cure writer’s block. Nope, nada. But it was still a lot of fun!

As a bonus, I hung out w/ Lauren for about 5 days in a row after she got back from Ocean City and that is when this whole story/picture experiment came about. The day after we wrote this up I slept over her house and brought these little stone things w/ me that I had taken from the centerpiece at my cousin’s wedding. We planned to each do a painting and then hot-glue some of the stones on, only Lauren ended up throwing away her canvas out of anger (Another note: apparently writing does little to cure artist’s block as well).

Myself on the other hand, managed to do a really cool painting, which I’m going to show to you now. (For future reference, paint the background color, which in this case was black, before the swirls. It makes life a whole lot easier—trust me on that)

Here’s one of the entire thing. You can see the stones on the top left and bottom right corners. The gold paint is pretty shiny too but I’m not sure if you can see it in the picture.

Here’s one of the bottom right corner.

Here’s one of the top left corner.

Ok guys, well that’s all for today. I was hoping to touch on other topics but this newsletter is already really long so I guess that will just have to wait until another time.

August 7-2009
-By Kasey

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