Sunday, September 27, 2009

Newsletter #00063

September 27-2009

Wow its been awhile since any of us have done one of these! Although, to our defense (myself, Josh and Brad), we have been absolutely swamped with AP homework and band. Pretty much I don't even sleep anymore and things are only going to get worse in October. Please try and bear with us if you can. I promise these newsletters aren't dead!

Anyways, what I wanted to talk about today, was actually a site called Some of you might have heard of it, either if you are a part of S.A.D.D. or if you payed attention to the things the group did last year at our school. Basically the site is supposed to discourage tobacco use, and in fact, the number 84 comes from the 84% of Massachusetts teens who are supposedly tobacco free. People on the site also discourage things like underage drinking or drug use.

Recently put out an application looking for people to be paid bloggers for the site. I applied and got one of the positions. What that means is that every week for about the next year I will be putting out a 300-500 or so word blog on the website and getting paid to do it! My blogs will probably focus primarily on life and some will have some sort of anti-drug/tobacco/alcohol message in them, although not all of them will be. They (IMO) won't be as fun to write as one of these newsletters, since I'm never going to talk about say fanfiction or steampunk or Burning Man in one of them, but at the same time, they are still a lot of fun to do.

On the site there are 6 other bloggers, guys and girls, most of whom are juniors and seniors at high schools across the state. I've been reading thier blogs as they are posted too and they are definitely interesting to read. As it seems to be going so far, one blog is posted each day (give or take) and from what it seems, mine are posted on or around Thursdays. I highly recommend you check them out, especially since I can't guarantee too many more Newsletters from myself in the coming month. Right now the comment feature is broken for the blogs. You can comment but no one, the writers included, can read them yet. But once its fixed it would be nice to see at least a few of you reading and possibly commenting on some of the blogs on the site.

Anyways, here's some links for you:

1) (general website)
2) (the blog page. Everyone's blogs are posted here. I have two up so far and my username is kkamll)
3) (my user page for the website)

There's the links for you. Feel free to check it out. And sorry that this newsletter is mostly just me promoting another of my blogging things. Slightly uncool of me since I haven't written a newsletter in a month, but w/e.

Oh and before I forget, if anyone is interesting in doing a guest newsletter for me sometime in October let me know through a message or something. I don't want these newsletters to die but I won't really have time to write this next month. I can't guarantee I'll let you just because you ask, but I probably won't turn anyone down if they have something interesting to say. I will however still edit whatever you like (basically just proofread it and stuff). So yeah, if anyone's interested let me know!

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